CIDCO e-Auction 2024 Registration, Fees, Eligibility, Last Date

CIDCO e-Auction 2024

CIDCO e-Auction 2024: In India, there are many organizations dedicated to urban planning. Most people agree that CIDCO is the most prosperous and stable town-planning organization in India. Its objective is to build communities that are as creative and technologically sophisticated as possible. The idea to transform Navi Mumbai into a metropolis fit for the 24th century is only one of the key projects and plans for the 21st century that CIDCO e-Auction 2024 is in charge of. We’ll go over the alleged justification for the Navi Mumbai property sale in this article, as well as how to buy these plots, register for these plots, and place a bid on them.

CIDCO e-Auction Registration Form 2024

In the five Navi Mumbai hubs of Nerul, New Panvel, Vashi, Kalamboli, and Ghansoli, CIDCO (The City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra) has announced the CIDCO e-Auction 2024 of sixteen residential and commercial properties. 6.21 acres make up the most extensive CIDCO tender plot, which is located in Seawoods, Nerul. Sectors 54, 56, and 58 make up Plot 2A, which is located in the CRZ next to the NRI complex in Nerul. In this article, we will give you all the information related to CIDCO e-Auction Online Registration. People are therefore the folks that are interested in placing a bid on the available plots. They must pay the nominal sum, the Rs 29.50 crore earnest money deposit, as well as the Rs 1,180 document fee.

CIDCO e-Auction
CIDCO e-Auction Registration

What is CIDCO?

The City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra is CIDCO’s full name. CIDCO e-Auction 2024 started out in 1970. The CIDCO Corporation is under the supervision of the Maharashtra state government because the state elects its board of directors. CIDCO works to achieve its development goals to divert the influx of people away from Mumbai and toward other cities and provide technical solutions for the orderly transfer of city residents to other areas of the city.

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CIDCO is in charge of both regulating urbanization and overseeing urban design. People from various parts of India have been drawn to Mumbai in pursuit of jobs due to the city’s growing residential and manufacturing prominence. The plan to transform Navi Mumbai into a metropolis fit for the twenty-first century is one of many significant projects and plans for the century that CIDCO is in charge of. By designing and constructing the entire urban infrastructure, offering municipal services, and completing significant infrastructure projects like the Navi Mumbai International Airport and the Navi Mumbai Metro, the organization contributes to the growth of new towns. The first smart city initiative in India was also initiated by CIDCO.

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CIDCO e-Auction Eligibility Criteria

  • Any citizen who is eligible to sign this contract under the Indian Contract Act of 1872 may apply for these plots.
  • If Any business that was founded in compliance with the 1956 Indian Companies Act is qualified to apply for a CIDCO tender plot.
  • Any partnership agreement may submit an application for a CIDCO plot.
  • Any partnership firm that has been authorized by the Indian Partnership Act of 1932 is eligible to submit an application for the CIDCO e-Auction 2024.

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How to Apply CIDCO e-Auction 2024?

  1. You must first go to the CIDCO auction platform’s official website.
  2. The form has four sections that all qualified candidates or firms filling it out must complete.
  3. The login ID details section is presented first and includes your login ID, password, hint question, and hint answer.
  4. The other details part follows, and it includes the:
  5. This implies that you can choose this from a drop-down menu and specify whether you are an individual, a company, a firm, a hospital, or a corporate society.
  6. Here permanent address must then be entered, followed by your country, state, city, and pin code.
  7. The section with bank information is next.
  8. The name of an account holder, bank account number, iFSC code, MICR code, bank name, and branch name are all required.
  9. The part with bidder details follows.
  10. You must provide the following information: your gender, the applicant’s or builder’s name, the PAN number, the PAN card holder’s name, the applicant’s or builder’s aadhar number, the applicant’s or builder’s aadhar share code number, the applicant’s or builder’s aadhar zip file, the correspondence address, and if there is an optional additional partner, that partner’s name, email address, and mobile
  11. Then, after agreeing to the terms and conditions, press the submit button.
  12. After submission, there will be a space for OTP verification on the following page.
  13. An OTP will be generated once you enter your mobile number; enter the OTP and then click the submit button.
  14. Following that, a new page about document upload will be created.
  15. The proper papers must be submitted in the format specified in the instructions.
  16. Afterward, the screen will say that the form has been authorized and that you have been registered after you have sent in the paperwork.
  17. Helpline No. 022-62722250

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