Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024 Benefits, Eligibility, Motive?

Tripura Puno Baniya Yojana 2024

Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme: As we all know, the Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme has been launched by the State Government, and a new application has been brought in Tripura for the welfare of the country’s jobless younger inhabitants, particularly in goat bovine husbandry. Goat farming is especially worthwhile because it produces incredibly high returns in a short period. The Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme helps to expand and strengthen the animal husbandry business. The federal and state governments have collaborated to implement a strategy that assists cattle maintenance through loans and subsidiaries. According to officials, a similar program that has a budget of Rs 2 lakh for each unit assists piggeries is also in preparation.

Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024

The money from the initiative is promptly placed into the accounts of self-help organization members, who would get a total of 25,000 rupees. SHGs are small groups of underprivileged people who face commonplace issues. They have a unique place financial savings account within the financial institution, as a result of which they have a unique place fund. On June 15, 2022, a meeting was held within the tribal welfare branch among the Council of Ministers and the authorized scheme known as the Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme. Puno Baniya is a name that means “goat business.” The Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024 main goal was to financially support Tripura’s indigenous people.

Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme
Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme

Details of Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024

Scheme Tripura Puno Baniya Yojana
Aim Financial help for indigenous jobless youth
Beneficiary Only Citizens of Tripura
Year of launch 2024
State Tripura
Official Website Coming Soon

Objectives of Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme 2024

According to the authorities, they specifically encouraged goat livestock, claiming that goats are resistant to a variety of diseases and have a lower risk of suffering severe losses. Excreta from goods can also be used as fodder inside the fisheries department. Furthermore, the meal with inside protection for goat rearing is significantly lower than that for various fowl and pig farming.

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Benefits of Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme

  • This initiative would provide jobless kids with the option to make money from goat farming by providing them with subsidies.
  • This strategy lasts nine months with no installment payments required.
  • Loans will also be made available under the scheme for the same purpose. 
  • A money-linked goat initiative could be adopted to enhance wages for tribal people, with Self Help Group (SHG) members receiving Rs 2,51,000 for one unit. 
  • Once the recipients begin earning, they will be able to repay the loan through the EMI generated by the cattle business.
  • As part of this initiative, the grantees will receive 12 goats (10 females and 2 males).

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana

Eligibility Criteria

  • Tripura’s eternal dwelling should be the individual.  
  • This Tripura Puno Baniya Scheme is for our country’s local jobless kids.

Required Documents

  • Passport size photograph 
  • SHG member
  • Email id 
  • Identity card
  • Aadhar card 
  • Mobile number

Application Procedure of Puno Baniya Yojana 2024

Tripura Puno Baniya Yojana 2024 was recently issued, and the authorities will soon provide a reliable internet site from which individuals can practice immediately for this scheme, so we can replace you as soon as this scheme’s reliable internet site is accessible.

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