Telangana One Time Scheme 2024: A Tax Relief Opportunity

Telangana One Time Yojana 2024

Telangana One Time Scheme 2024: The Director of Municipal Administration and the Commissioner of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) (OTS) have suggested the Telangana One Time Scheme. If the taxpayer pays both the original amount and the 10% interest on the accumulated arrears in full for the fiscal year 2021-2022, the program will waive 90% of the accumulated arrears. After reviewing the proposal made by the GHMC Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, the government mandated the waiver of 90% of the accumulated property tax arrear interest by the GO Rt No. 485 published by the Municipal Administration & Urban Development (MA&UD) Department. However, the taxpayer would be required to pay out the full tax debt—principal plus 10% accumulated interest—in one lump sum by 2021-2022.

Telangana One Time Scheme- New Property Tax Programme

The one-time scheme will be applied in campaign mode and will expire on October 31. It applies to all urban local governments in the state, including the GHMC. For persons who have paid their whole property tax debt—including interest and penalties—up to March 2022 within the current fiscal year, 90% of such interest/penalties would be subtracted from future payments.

According to the GHMC Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration, property tax arrears in all ULBs, including the GHMC, totaled Rs 1,999.24 crore. It had a total outstanding interest balance of Rs. 1,626.83 crore. The order also directs officials to establish a framework for transparent daily oversight and execution of the plan.

Telangana One Time Scheme
Telangana One Time Scheme

Telangana One-Time Scheme Benefits

The MA&UD Department has given the GHMC Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration instructions to promote the program and ensure that the greatest number of people can benefit from it. They are supposed to speak with property owners who owe money, text or contact them, and advertise the program in print and electronic media.

The OTS System has been proposed for the benefit of taxpayers. The Telangana One Time Schemem must be implemented in mission mode and with adequate exposure by October 31, 2022. The Secretary has requested that the local officials involved establish a framework for daily oversight and ensure that the one-time scheme is carried out publicly.

Telangana Dalit Bandhu Scheme

Arrears in Telangana’s Urban local bodies now Reach 1,999.24 Crore

The GHMC Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration are claimed to be concerned about the Rs 1994.24 crores owed by all urban local bodies, including the GHMC, for unpaid property tax arrears. The state government has established a Time Scheme (OTS) to collect the debt and has waived 90% of the interest, assisting persons who are behind on their property taxes. The waiver is available through the fiscal year 2021-2022.

Telangana Kalyana Lakshmi

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