Tatkal Passport Application Process 2024 Appointment Opening Date Time

Tatkal Passport Application 2024

Tatkal Passport Application Procedure: In today’s time, a passport is an important document; it is provided by the government of all the nations through which one can travel hassle-free to any other country. Along with this, it is also used as an official document. This Tatkal Passport also guarantees easy immigration for any person as well as entry into any foreign country. Additionally, the passport also serves as an official, valid document of identity and residence that enables access to a variety of public and private services.

The Ministry of External Affairs has entrusted the responsibility of managing the issuance of passports to Indian nationals to the Consular Department of All Passports and Visas. In this article, we are going to give you all the information related to tatkal passports. In this article, we are going to give you all the information related to the purpose, benefits and features, eligibility criteria, important documents, etc. If you are eligible to get this Tatkal passport made, then Tatkal Passports can get all the information through this article.

Tatkaal Passport Application 2024
Tatkaal Passport Application Procedure 2024

Highlights of Tatkaal & Normal Passport Process 2024?

Organization Name Passport Seva Kendra
Launched By Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India
Location PAN India
Applicable All age applicants are applicable for Passport but as per the rules
Category Article/News
Govt Central Government of India
Official Website https://www.passportindia.gov.in/

About Tatkal Passport

All those interested candidates who are very much in need of a Tatkal passport: what happens if any person who very soon needs a passport from one country to another country or a passport as a document has to get a Tatkal passport made immediately? Passports cost more than normal passports, but they take less time to make, which is why we, or the person who needs a passport, choose to get an instant passport even though it costs more money.

Tatkal Passport Eligibility

As you are aware, the final decision regarding the issue of a passport under the Tatkal scheme is given through the jurisdictional passport office. In such cases, before making a decision, the judge considers the compelling circumstances of the applicant and the urgency of the passport. In such a situation, the eligibility criteria to get an instant passport are a bit more difficult, but they are mandatory to fulfill. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria mentioned, then you cannot get an instant passport.

  • Citizens of India who have obtained the status by naturalization or registration
  • Citizens of Indian origin born outside India who have Indian parents can apply.
  • Applicants who have undergone government-funded repatriation from another nation.
  • Brief extension of passport validity
  • Passports that are recognizably damaged
  • Stolen or lost passport.
  • Citizens who were born in Nagaland but now reside elsewhere
  • a resident of Jammu and Kashmir.
  • Locals of Nagaland
  • Applicants who have been ex-pats who have been deported to India.
  • People who have had a major name change
  • The parents have only minor children.
  • Children are adopted from their parents in India and abroad.
  • Children who live in Nagaland.
  • A significant change in appearance or gender.
  • Alteration of one’s signature or other personal credentials

Tatkal Passport Documents

If you want to get an instant passport, then you will need sleeping documents. Before getting an instant passport, it is mandatory to have unwritten documents, which are as follows:-

  • Verification Certificate as prescribed in Annexure F.
  • Election card
  • Ration card
  • Property Documents
  • Pension Documents
  • Service Photo Identity Card
  • Certificate of Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes/ Other Backward Castes.
  • Birth Certificate
  • Gas Connection Bill
  • Identity Cards of Freedom Fighters.
  • Arms License
  • Student’s Identity Card from a recognized Institution.
  • Driver’s License
  • Railway Photo Identity Card
  • PAN Card issued by the Income Tax Department
  • Bank Passbook

Tatkal Passport Time & Apply Process

An application for a Tatkal passport also usually goes through a brief verification process. In this scenario, passports are normally issued within 1-3 working days from the date of application, and only seven are sent to the appropriate applicant. The date on which the applicant submits the required documents and supporting documents at the concerned Passport Seva Kendra is considered the date of application. Along with this, the application submitted through the Tatkal program through a specific queue also ensures a speedy appointment and quick application processing, followed by police verification as required.

After this, a Tatkal passport will be sent to the applicant on the third day excluding the date of application. Thereafter, after complete police verification, the passport will be dispatched to his or her address without waiting for the results. In case police verification is not required, then Tatkal’s passport is dispatched to the concerned person within one working day excluding the date of application.

Note: Latest passport appointment time is given below. time is changed from time to time as per the Passport Offices rules.

Passport Office Time
Ahmedabad 02:00 PM
Amritsar 05:00 PM
Bengaluru 04:30 PM
Bareilly 04:00 PM
Bhopal 11:00 AM
Bhubaneswar 11:00 AM
Chandigarh 11:00 AM
Chennai 02:30 PM
Cochin 01:30 PM
Coimbatore 01:30 PM
Dehradun 04:00 PM
Delhi 05:00 PM
Ghaziabad 05:00 PM
Goa 11:30 AM
Guwahati 11:00 AM
Hyderabad 04:30 PM
Jaipur 01:30 PM
Jalandhar 11:00 AM
Jammu 04:00 PM
Kolkata 03:30 PM
Kozhikode 01:30 PM
Lucknow 05:00 PM
Madurai 02:30 PM
Mumbai 03:00 PM
Nagpur 03:00 PM
Patna 11:00 AM
Pune 12:00 PM
Raipur 11:00 AM
Ranchi 11:00 AM
Shimla 11:00 AM
Srinagar 11:00 AM
Surat 01:00 PM
Tiruchirappalli 02:30 PM
Trivandrum 12:30 PM
Vijayawada 04:30 PM
Visakhapatnam 04:30 PM


  1. Before applying under the Tatkaal scheme, the applicant needs to check the eligibility criteria, “Categories not under Tatkaal Scheme”- Hindi / English.
    Applicants applying under the Tatkaal scheme need to fill out the “Undertaking for Tatkaal Scheme”-in Hindi / English.
  2. Applicants are required to sign the undertaking and bring it to the Passport Office for submission at the time of appointment.

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