Chandigarh Police Recruitment 2023 Notification, Last Date, Eligibility

Chandigarh Police Vacancy 2023

Chandigarh Police Constable Recruitment 2023 Exam Date | Chandigarh Police Vacancy 2023 Online Form | Chandigarh Punjab Police Bharti 2023 Application Form

Chandigarh is a union territory that is the capital of Punjab and Haryana and at present Chandigarh is one of the fastest growing cities or states in the country, which is fast leaving behind other cities in every respect. Used to be. The judicial system in Chandigarh has become very strong in the last few years and yesterday too, it has been very less, mainly because of the brave police department of Chandigarh. If you are one of those people who wants to do a job in the post of constable in Chandigarh Police, then let us know that recently Chandigarh Police Constable Recruitment 2023 has been taken out, whose complete information we are going to give you in this article.

Chandigarh Police Bharti 2023

We all know very well that Chandigarh is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, where the police department is also considered very strong, which prevents the increasing crime in Chandigarh. Getting a job in the police department is the dream of thousands of youth in the country and this is the reason why one is eagerly waiting for recruitment in the police department, if the Chandigarh Police Department is there then the competition increases even more.

Chandigarh Police Department from time to time brings out Punjab Police Recruitment 2023 on various posts to fill up the vacancies and increase the staff, due to which many new youths get a chance to get jobs. Recently, the Chandigarh Police Department has released recruitment for the posts of constable, under which about 280 applicants will get a chance to get a job in the post of constable.

Chandigarh Police Recruitment Apply Online

Highlights of Chandigarh Police Constable Vacancy 2023

Name of the Post Chandigarh Police Constable Recruitment 2023
Launched By Constable Job
Advertisement No NA
Apply Online Date Notified Soon 
Last Date Notified Soon 
Official Website

Chandigarh Punjab Police Exam Dates 2023

As we all know that some important dates are fixed in all the government recruitment going out at the present time and those people who are interested in the recruitment should know about those important dates so that they can apply on time. . In such a situation, if you are interested in Chandigarh Police Constable Recruitment 2023, then you should know about the important dates related to it, which are as follows:

  • Application Opening Date: Not Known Yet
  • Last Date to Apply: Not Known Yet

Eligibility Criteria for Chandigarh Police Exam 2023

Age Limit for Chandigarh Constable Vacancy 2023

As we all know that there is an age limit in all the recruitment which is being done in the present time, according to which only those applicants who are letter are given a chance to appear in the recruitment, so if you are looking for Chandigarh Police Constable Recruitment 2023 If you are interested in this, then you should know about the important dates related to it, which are as follows:

  • The minimum Age Limitation for male and female candidates is 18 Years Old.
  • The maximum Age Limitation for male and female candidates is 25 Years Old.

For information, let us tell you that some special relaxation in the maximum age will be given to the applicants of the reserved categories as per the prescribed rules.

Education Qualification for Chandigarh Constable 2023

At present, in all government recruitment, education qualification is determined, according to which the applicant is given a chance to be eligible and join the recruitment, so if you are interested in Chandigarh Police Constable Recruitment 2023, then you should get it. The relevant education qualifications should be about, which are as follows:

  • Must have passed 12th class.
  • Must have a driving license.

Application Fees for Punjab Police Constable 2023

As we all know that an application fee is charged for applying in all the government recruitments that are taken out at the present time, so if you want to apply for the constable recruitment conducted by the Chandigarh Police Department, then for this you have to The application fee to be paid is as follows:

  • For General and OBC: Rs 500
  • For SC/ST: Free

Selection Procedure for Punjab Police Recruitment 2023

  1. Candidate or applicant needs to appear in the Written Exam
  2. Applicant needs to appear in the physical-Measurement-Test (PMT) & Physical Standard Test (PST)
  3. Candidate or applicant needs to appear in the Merit List
  4. The candidate or applicant needs to appear in the Interview process
  5. The candidate or applicant needs to appear for the Documentation process.

How to Apply Online to fill CG Police Constable Recruitment 2023

One of the many advantages of digitization has also been that one can easily apply online for all government recruitment done at the present time while sitting at home. In such a situation, if you are interested in Chandigarh Police Constable Recruitment 2023, then you can apply for it by following the following steps:

  1. Firstly visit the official career website of the Chandigarh Police Department.
  2. After this, click on the notification link of ‘Chandigarh Police Constable Recruitment 2023’ given there.
  3. After this, the official notification page recruitment will open in front of you, when clicking on the application link given below.
  4. Now fill in all the information asked in the form that will come in front of you and upload the scanned copy of all the requested documents.
  5. At last upload these forms by filling out the application fee.
  6. In this way, you can easily apply online for Punjab Police Constable Recruitment 2023.
Apply Link Click Here
PMHelpline Homepage Click Here

Chandigarh Police Syllabus PDF Download in Hindi/English

UP Police Constable Syllabus in English  UP Police Constable Syllabus in Hindi
General Knowledge
  1. India and its adjacent countries
  2. Scientific Progress/Development
  3. National/International Awards
  4. Indian Languages
  5. Books & Authors
  6. Script
  7. Capital
  8. Currency
  9. Sports-Athlete such as essential knowledge
  10. Current Affairs
  11. Important Dates
  12. Human Rights
  13. Natural Resources
  14. Organizations
  15. Environment and Urbanisation
  16. Indian Economy and Culture
  17. Indian Constitution
  18. India and World Geography
  19. Natural Resources
  20. Indian Agriculture

General Hindi

  1. Questions & Answer from the Passage
  2. Title of the Passage
  3. Letter Writing
  4. Word Knowledge
  5. Use of Words
  6. Antonym
  7. Synonym
  8. One Word Substitutions
  9. Sentence Correction
  10. Idioms Phrases

Reasoning Ability

  1. Analogies
  2. Similarities
  3. Differences
  4. Space visualization
  5. Problem-solving
  6. Analysis and Judgment
  7. Decision-making
  8. Visual memory
  9. Discrimination
  10. Observation
  11. Relationship
  12. Concepts
  13. Arithmetic reasoning
  14. Verbal and figure classification
  15. Arithmetical number series
  16. Abilities to deal with abstract ideas and symbols and their relationships
  17. Arithmetical computations and other analytical functions

Numerical Aptitude

  1. Number System
  2. Simplification
  3. Decimals and Fraction
  4. HCF and LCM
  5. Ratio (:) and Proportion (::)
  6. Percentage
  7. Profit and Loss
  8. Discount
  9. Simple interest
  10. Compound interest
  11. Partnership
  12. Average
  13. Time and Work
  14. Time and Distance
  15. Use of Tables and Graphs
  16. Mensuration
  17. Arithmetical computations and other analytical functions
  18. Miscellaneous

Mental Ability Test

  1. Logical Diagrams
  2. Symbol-Relationship Interpretation
  3. Codification
  4. Perception Test
  5. Word formation Test
  6. Letter and number series
  7. Word and alphabet Analogy
  8. Common Sense Test
  9. Letter and number coding
  10. Direction sense Test
  11. Logical interpretation of data
  12. Forcefulness of argument
  13. Determining implied meanings

Mental Aptitude Test

  1. Public Interest
  2. Law & Order
  3. Communal Harmony
  4. Crime Control
  5. Rule of Law
  6. Ability of Adaptability
  7. Professional Information (Basic level)
  8. Police System
  9. Contemporary Police Issues & Law and order
  10. Basic Law
  11. Interest in Profession
  12. Mental Toughness
  13. Sensitivity towards minorities and underprivileged
  14. Gender sensitivity

Intelligence Quotient

  1. Relationship and Analogy Test
  2. Spotting out the dissimilar
  3. Series Completion
  4. Coding-Decoding
  5. Direction Sense Test
  6. Blood Relation
  7. Problems based on the alphabet
  8. Time sequence test
  9. Venn Diagram and chart type test
  10. Mathematical ability Test
  11. Arranging in order
General Knowledge
  1. भारत का इतिहास
  2. भारतीय संविधान
  3. भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था एवं संस्कृति
  4. सामान्य विज्ञान
  5. भारतीय कृषि
  6. वाणिज्य एवं व्यापार
  7. जनसंख्या
  8. पर्यावरण एवं नगरीकरण
  9. भारत/विश्व  का भूगोल
  10. प्राकृतिक संसाधन
  11. Uttar Pradesh की शिक्षा संस्कृति और सामाजिक प्रथाओं के सम्बन्ध में विशिष्ट जानकारी
  12. Uttar Pradesh में राजस्व , पुलिस व सामान्य प्रशासनिक व्यवस्था
  13. मानवाधिकार
  14. आंतरिक सुरक्षा तथा आतंकवाद
  15. भारत और उसके पड़ोसी देशों के बीच सम्बन्ध
  16. राष्ट्रीय तथा अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय महत्व के विषय
  17. (संगठन): राष्ट्रीय तथा अन्तर्राष्ट्रीय
  18. विमुद्रीकरण और उसका प्रभाव
  19. साइबर काइम
  20. GST: वस्तु एवं सेवाकर
  21. पुरस्कार और सम्मान
  22. देश / राजधानी / मुद्रायें
  23. महत्वपूर्ण दिवस
  24. अनुसंधान एवं खोज
  25. पुस्तक और उनके लेखक
  26. सोशल मीडिया कम्युनिकेशन

General Hindi

  1. हिन्दी वर्णमाला
  2. तद्भव
  3. तत्सम
  4. पर्यायवाची
  5. विलोम
  6. अनेकार्थक
  7. वाक्यांशों के स्थान पर एक शब्द
  8. समरूपी भिन्नार्थक शब्द
  9. अशुद्ध वाक्यों को शुद्ध करना
  10. लिंग
  11. वचन
  12. कारक
  13. सर्वनाम
  14. विशेषण
  15. किया काल
  16. वाच्य
  17. अव्यय
  18. उपसर्ग
  19. प्रत्यय
  20. सन्धि
  21. समास
  22. विराम – चिन्ह
  23. मुहावरे एवं लोकोक्तियां रस
  24. छन्द
  25. अलंकार


  1. समरूपता
  2. समानता
  3. भिन्नता
  4. खाली स्थान भरना
  5. समस्या को सुलझाना
  6. विश्लेषण निर्णय
  7. निर्णायक क्षमता
  8. दृ य स्मृति
  9. विभेदन क्षमता
  10. पर्यवेक्षण
  11. सम्बन्ध
  12. अवधारणा
  13. अंकगणितीय तर्क
  14. शब्द और आकृति वर्गीकरण
  15. अंकगणितीय संख्या श्रृंखला

Numerical Ability

  1. संख्या पद्धति
  2. सरलीकरण
  3. दशमलव और भिन्न
  4. महत्तम समापवर्तक और लघुत्तम समापवर्तक
  5. अनुपात और समानुपात
  6. प्रतिशत
  7. लाभ और हानि
  8. छूट
  9. साधारण ब्याज
  10. चक्रवृद्धि ब्याज
  11. भागीदारी
  12. औसत
  13. टाइम  और वर्क
  14. टाइम  और दूरी
  15. सारणी और ग्राफ का प्रयोग
  16. मेन्सुरेशन
  17. अंकगणितीय संगणना विश्लेषणात्मक कार्य
  18. विविध

Mental Ability Test

  1. तार्किक आरेख
  2. संकेत – सम्बन्ध विश्लेषण
  3. प्रत्यक्ष ज्ञान बोध
  4. शब्द रचना परीक्षण
  5. अक्षर और संख्या श्रृंखला
  6. शब्द और वर्णमाला में आंशिक समरूपता
  7. व्यावहारिक ज्ञान परीक्षण
  8. दिशा ज्ञान परीक्षण
  9. आंकड़ों का तार्किक विश्लेषण
  10. प्रभावी तर्क
  11. अंतर्निहित भावों का विनिश्चय करना

Mental Aptitude Test

  1. जनहित
  2. कानून एवं शांति व्यवस्था
  3. साम्प्रदायिक सद्भाव
  4. अपराध नियंत्रण
  5. विधि का शासन
  6. अनुकूलन की क्षमता
  7. व्यावसायिक सूचना
  8. पुलिस प्रणाली
  9. समकालीन पुलिस मुद्दे एवं कानून व्यवस्था
  10. व्यवसाय के प्रति रूचि
  11. मानसिक दृढ़ता
  12. अल्पसंख्यकों एवं अल्प अधिकार वालों के प्रति संवेदनशीलता
  13. लैंगिक संवेदनशीलता

Intelligence Quotient

  1. सम्बन्ध
  2. सम्बन्ध व आंशिक समानता परीक्षण
  3. असमान को चिन्हित करना
  4. श्रृंखला पूरी करने
  5. संकेत लिपि और सांकेतिक लिपि
  6. दिशा ज्ञान
  7. रक्त सम्बन्ध
  8. वर्णमाला पर आधारित प्रश्न
  9. समय – क्रम परीक्षण
  10. वेन आरेख और चार्ट सदृश परीक्षण
  11. गणितीय योग्यता परीक्षण
  12. क्रम में व्यवस्थित करना


  1. ਸ਼ੁੱਧ/ਅਸ਼ੁੱਧ
  2. ਸਮਾਨਾਰਥਕ/ਵਿਰੋਧੀਸ਼ਬਦ
  3. ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਅਖਾਣ ਅਤੇ ਮੁਹਾਵਰੇ
  4. ਅੰਗਰੇਜੀ ਤੋਂ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਅਨੁਵਾਦ
  5. ਭਹੁਤੇ ਸ਼ਬਦਾਂ ਦੀ ਥਾਂ ਤੇ ਇੱਕ ਸ਼ਬਦ I
  6. ਅਣਡਿਠਾ ਪੈਰਾ

Required Physical Screening Test (PST)

Male Female ESM Age ≤ 35 years ESM Age > 35 years
1600 meters Race to be completed in 6 minutes 30 seconds (only 1 chance) 800 meters Race to be completed in 4 minutes (only 1 chance) 1400 meters Walk and Run to be completed in 9 minutes (only 1 chance) 1400 meters Walk and Run to be completed in 12 minutes (only 1 chance)
Long Jump: 3.80 meters (3 chances) Long Jump: 3.00 meters (3 chances) 10 Full Squats 10 Full Squats
High Jump: 1.10 meters (3 chances) High Jump: 0.95 meters (3 chances)

Punjab Police Constable Exam Pattern 2023

Subject Questions Marks Duration
General Awareness 35 35 120 Minutes
Quantitative Aptitude and Numerical Skills 20 20
Metal Ability and Logical Reasoning 20 20
English and Punjabi 20 20
Digital Literacy and Awareness 5 5
Total 100 100


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