CMAT Exam – What You Need To Know Before Starting Your Exam Preparation?

This exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency. Other important details will be mentioned in your CMAT Admit Card which you can download from the official site. 

CMAT Admit Card is one of the most important documents to carry while entering the exam room. It carries a candidate’s important details including name, center, DOB, etc. You would not be allowed to take an exam if you do not carry this.

Way it is important to carry essential documents while heading to the exam, it is also important to understand the tips before kicking off your CMAT Exam preparation. 

If you are still contemplating your exam preparation then you must pay attention. We are going to cover this topic to make exam preparation easy for you.

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How Many Questions Will Be There – 

Talking about the CMAT exam comes up with an excellent pattern. Generally, there are a total number of 5 sections in the exam including Data Interpretation related questions, Quantitative Ability oriented questions, your General Awareness will also be checked, the candidate’s Logical Reasoning will also be analyzed, Language Comprehension related knowledge is also checked and Innovation and Entrepreneurship are also evaluated in a detailed manner. 

Moreover, the CMAT exam pattern includes several questions in each of the 5 sections along with their marking scheme. Before appearing in the exam, you need to understand the entire exam pattern in a detailed manner if you truly want to score excellently in the exam. 

What Is The Exam Mode – 

Talking about the exam mode, computer-based test. If you have been wondering about the exam duration, it must be 180 minutes and 30 minutes. This time is enough to solve the entire exam indeed. You will be finding a total number of 25 questions in each section and therefore it would be 125 questions in the exam. Each question carries 4 marks only. Negative marking is there and that is why you need to stay aware of things. There is no sectional time limit. 

Will Multiple Choice Question Be There – 

This paper comes up with multiple-choice questions indeed. Here, you need to choose the right answer among the 4 options that are provided. If you give every answer correctly then you will receive 4 marks indeed. The next on the list is that one mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer. Each question comes up with multiple correct answers in every situation. 

Multiple correct options also come up with four marks. If you give the wrong answer then it will lead to a deduction of one mark indeed. If you do not attempt any questions, you will not be allotted any marks. If the questions are dropped or ignored then all candidates would be getting 4 marks whether it has been attempted or not. 

Can You Switch Any Section Easily – 

If you are not comfortable attending the exam, you may easily switch to another section. There is no sectional time limit at all. Here, it needs to be mentioned that additional sections should be solved within 30 minutes as per the ideal time limit.  

Since every question is not necessary to attend, you may leave if not away from the correct answer. Negative markings will be there if you do not give a correct answer. Therefore it is good to ignore the question instead of attempting it wrong. 

All these papers would be computer-based; students would allow a rough sheet so that they could do extra work easily. You will not be allowed to go with any scratch paper at all. You are allowed to carry only a pen and pencil. You will also not be receiving any sort of break while taking the exam. 

Conclusion – 

Keeping these things memorized helps to stay away from confusion. You get a clear picture of how you need to attend the exam. What questions do you need to leave and what to attend? Hope many things have already been created and made you aware of the CMAT Exam pattern, sections, marking, and negative marking in a detailed manner.

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