Mobile Annapurna Canteen: Bringing Affordable and Nutritious Meals to Your Doorstep Just Rs. 5

Mobile Annapurna Canteen

As everyone is aware, the national government launched several programs for those in need during the coronavirus pandemic. Apart from this, all states have launched other state-level programs for those in need. As a result, while we are talking about the Telangana state, there is some positive news for its residents that they ought to be aware of.

The Telangana state government has launched a beneficial program for the state’s physically handicapped residents, older persons, and those in need. After the successful launch of the Annapurna Rs. 5 meal program in the twin urban regions, the Telangana government has now established the Mobile Annapurna Canteen to serve a meal to the state’s indigent, elderly residents, and PWD citizens. Several individuals are unable to acquire meals at the Annapurna canteen. The Annapurna Canteen on Wheels will be helpful to them. The state government has started an initiative called Mobile Annapurna Meal to aid the poor. The beneficiaries of this Mobile Annapurna Canteen Telangana State program will receive cooked meals for just Rs. 5. With the help of a smartphone application, they may order the meal or feast, and it will be delivered to their house. So, those in need will be able to quickly access food at home.

Mobile Annapurna Canteen 2024
Mobile Annapurna Canteen Yojana 2024

Highlights of the Mobile Annapurna Canteen Scheme 2024

Name of the Scheme Mobile Annapurna Canteen
Organized by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation
Starting Date of the Scheme 2 March 2020
Beneficiaries Senior Citizens and physically handicapped people
State Hyderabad(Telangana)
Benefits of the Scheme To provide meals at just rupees 5 and door-to-door delivery

What foods are Included in this Scheme?

With the successful completion of the Mobile Canteen Annapurna project, which was launched six years ago, the government has begun this Hyderabad Annapurna Canteen project. The Telangana state government’s Annapurna meal program offers hot, clean food to impoverished, needy, and oppressed groups of society for only Rs 5.

There are only a few options on the menu: Idli and Pongal for breakfast, three different rice dishes for lunch, and chapattis with dal for the evening (the chapattis come for 3 rupees each with free dal). These canteens, a cutting-edge charity program, became instantly popular with the urban underprivileged. The employees could now fill their bellies for as little as Rs. 10, compared to their former lunches at private restaurants costing Rs. 40–50.


The state government wants to ensure that no one goes without food via the Mobile Annapurna Canteen program. With a meal costing only Rs. 5 under the Annapurna Meal Plan, everyone can afford it. Even a beggar, an unemployed teenager visiting patients, or someone moving to the city in search of work can get food at Mobile Annapurna Canteen. The Mobile Annapurna Canteen Telangana program was established by the Telangana state government for all those who are genuinely in need. Even a student who travels to the city for a test can eat in the afternoon at the study facilities without spending time preparing meals at their lodging. So, the Telangana food program is advantageous in a different way.

Many more states have organized this scheme

  • Andhra Pradesh- In June 2016, NTR Anna canteens opened, and hundreds of government workers who had just moved from Hyderabad to the state’s new capital Amravati are already being fed there. Hyderabad in Telangana has several TRP meal kiosks installed. Over 15000 people are fed each day with their inexpensive lunch of rice, sambar, and pickle (at Rs 5 per plate).
  • Odisha- Ahar centers that provide rice and boiling Dalma, a soupy mixture of lentils and cooked vegetables, for about 5 rupees each plate have proven to be quite popular.
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Jharkhand
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Delhi- To be organized soon
  • Rajasthan

Features of the Annapurna Canteen Scheme

  1. Senior residents and candidates with disabilities may have prepared meals for just Rs. 5 in various sections of the city.
  2. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and the Hare Krishna Movement Charitable Foundation are collaborating on this project.
  3. Hot cases will be used to transport food, and specially constructed trucks will be used for delivery.


  • The elderly, physically challenged, and others in need will have prepared meals delivered to their doors.
  • The price of meals for those in need is merely Rs. 5.
  • This food service is helpful for all disadvantaged individuals who cannot visit the Annapurna centers.
  • The Annapurna Canteen will be more accessible to those in need thanks to this Annapurna food program.
  • The Telangana Mobile Annapurna Canteen would provide food benefits to 1200 persons daily.

How can you order food through the Annapurna Canteen Scheme?

  • To place an order for food through the Mobile Annapurna Bhojan Program offered by the Telangana State portal, you must have a mobile phone and a strong internet connection.
  • The Mobile Annapurna Canteen app must then be downloaded from the Google Play store.
  • The next step is to access the smartphone app and order meals to be delivered nearby.
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